Get Connected

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FWRW Members are Engaged, Involved and Connected!

Help Organize Members

We love pro-active members!

…Attend Meetings (link to meeting events)
…Volunteer to help your board
…Write or email your newspaper editor (link to sample letter format ?)

Educate & Inform the Community

…Communicate with local leaders and school administrators
…Highlight the work the legislature is doing
…Join the Communications Committee

Help Grow Our Membership

…Help plan & organize events
…Become an Event Host
…Increase our visibility by sharing our message on social media

Support Our Troops

…Support the Armed Forces by getting involved in our projects to aid our U.S. troops and their families.

Promote Americanism

…Join the Chairs of Senior AmericansVoter RegistrationCaring for America and others in our efforts to provide resources and program ideas that raise member awareness of flag protocol and promote patriotism in our community.

To join these and other FWRW committees, please contact committee chairs directly.